Copyright notice

Please be aware of our Copyright Statement and do not attempt to use any of these images without contacting us first. Copyright of all of the photographs on this website are owned by Reinhold Schroers.

You have the right to use the images in limited applications (see below), but not the right to distribute, sell or use the images in any way you wish.You have the right to use the images in layouts for in-house presentations, rough draft designs for your clients, story-boards for yourself or your customers. For alle other uses you have to contact Reinhold Schroers.

You are not allowed to use the images for advertising, brochures, editorial publications, public multimedia presentations or any other uses. You may not sell, publish, license or otherwise distribute any of the photographs without a license to use from Reinhold Schroers. You may not place copies of the images on electronic bulletin boards for general access.

When using images in layouts, keep in mind that the copyright belongs to Reinhold Schroers. Any use of the images beyond the limited uses set forth above constitutes a violation of the applicable copyright law and may result in damages and costs being accessed against you. If your design work involves manipulation of a photograph – retouching, shrinking, stretching, darkening, lightening, tracing, copying, adding images to other images or in any other way changing them – you may be creating a Derivative Work of the original image (i.e. anything derived from one or several originals (s) in violation of copyright law, which again may result in damages and costs being assessed against you.

Under copyright law, the creator of the original work (Reinhold Schroers) also owns the copyright to all works derived from the original. Therefore, if all or parts of your work are seen as having been derived from the original photographs (s), you do not own the copyright to the derivative work, just as you do not own the copyright to the original work.